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New Yavin is really two stations, haphazardly jammed together. The first station is the new one, the one that’s in the news most of the time; all gleaming white panel walls and technology with just the right amount of zeerust. This is what most outsiders think of when they think of New Yavin. Hell, it’s what I tend to think of; the shining heart of the Republic.

The other station in New Yavin is the old one, the original one the Warsies cobbled together out of shipping containers and water tanks and launched up here when only lunatics thought building a DIY space station was a good idea. This station looks a good deal more ramshackle - the locals never bothered to hide the worksmanship under panels and blinking lights - but it’s also much friendlier than the newer construction. The people living in the old station are all First Fen, the ones who didn’t take up leadership positions in the Republic or elsewhere. All they wanted was to live in space, and this is their home. The new construction is well-done, but cold and impersonal. The old station is a bit shoddy, but well lived-in.

Everything’s in a state of flux these days. The Republic government and most of the population is getting ready to move out to the Coruscant colony on Mimas in a few months, so most of the population is packing up. Officially, only maybe a thousand or so people will remain in this once-bustling space city when all is said and done, most of them as support for the Republic Navy squadrons staying behind in cislunar. Unofficially, however, a lot of the people we talked to were planning on staying, Republic edict or no.

“I helped build this place with my own two hands,” one grizzled Mandalorian said to me down in the old station. “and I figure that I earned the right to stay here.”

“Saturn’s pretty and all,” said another resident, this time a fenkinder who may have grown up on New Yavin, “but I like seeing Earth out the porthole.”

Of all the things the Republic’s had to deal with over the last few years, a squatter problem has got to be a first. Still, in the great scheme of things forcing somebody to abandon their hard-won home for a shiny pile of quasi-fascist architecture on the edge of the system is a pretty terrible thing to do. Let them stay.

Malaclypse Fnord

Spacecraft Registry
New Yavin
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
OwnerGalactic Republic
Flag of RecordGalactic Republic
FactionGalactic Republic
Registry NumberL5-B
LaunchedMay 4, 2008
PurposeFaction point of presence
Great Justice fleet base
Primary Crew"General Solo" (station commander)
Cal Calrissian (leader, Green Squadron)
Other Crewapproximately 4,500 inhabitants
Operational StatusActive
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New Yavin is the Galactic Republic's larger point of presence in Cislunar Space.

With the Warsies' main interest having shifted to Mimas in recent years, New Yavin primarily serves as a Great Justice fleet base and a support facility for the Jedi Academy in Oceanus Procellarum, Luna.

"General Solo" is Station Commander of New Yavin. The station's permanently-assigned defence fighter-wing, Green Squadron, is commanded by long-time astroball player Captain Cal Calrissian.