Cal Calrissian

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Cal Calrissian
Cal Calrissian.png
Cal Calrissian, at the controls of his X-Wing fighter.
ResidenceNew Yavin, Cislunar Space
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipGalactic Republic
RankCaptain (OF-6, Republic Navy)
Commands heldGreen Squadron
Weight140 lbs.
Call-signGreen One

Open Character, created by Rob Kelk

Cal Calrissian (real name unknown) is the "hotshot fighter ace" in charge of New Yavin's Green Squadron.[1] At least, that's the image he portrays, and his reputation as a "ladies' man" is well-deserved. In actual combat, he's level-headed and does his best to get his entire squadron back home while carrying out the mission.

He's developed a good working relationship with Stellvia's chief pilot Fujisawa; as the people ultimately responsible for areospace defence around the two oldest stations in the Earth-Luna L5 zone, they have just as much in common with each other as each of them do with their respective factions. The two of them have been the core of the L5 All-Stations Astroball team since its inception in 2011.

'Wavium Abilities

Cal doesn't have a biomod, and he doesn't want one.

Known Quirks

  • No One Gets Left Behind: He won't return from a mission unless everyone is Green Squadron is either present or accounted for. If any of the squadron is captured on a mission, his next flight will be a rescue mission, sanctioned or not.
  • God's Gift to Women: Cal is a "player", with an impressive list of girlfriends... but he doesn't practice the one-night stand. He practices safe sex, and if he was ever to get one of his bed partners pregnant despite that, he'd offer to marry her. (The one person he's been unable to get into his bed is his astroball teammate, Yayoi Fujisawa.[2])


  1. Red and Blue Squadrons are based on Mimas, while Rogue and Rouge Squadrons are based at Mos Eisley on Mars. He's just glad he didn't get "Paisley Squadron."
  2. Cal knows she's a lesbian; he thinks that's a challenge to his skills.