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The First Fen are the people who either made it Up into space or were biomodded (for flesh-type Fen) or Awakened (for silicon-type Fen) before being Fen was "cool".[1]

There is still debate about where to set the exact cutoff point between "First Fen" and just "Fen", but almost everyone agrees that it's set somewhere in summer 2008.[2] This means that many famous Fen (and more than a few SMOF), such as Mal Fnord, Joseph Corcoran, and Blackstone, are not First Fen. Since The Jason is usually considered to be one of the First Fen and he first went Up on June 21, 2008, most people set the cutoff point somewhere in July or August 2008.

Being one of the First Fen gives a person little more than bragging rights... and most First Fen don't brag about being Up or 'modded before everyone else. Still, they are the pioneers of Fenspace.

Known First Fen

Depending on how early one sets the cutoff date for being First Fen, the original crew of The Island may or may not also qualify.

A.C. Peters is, as usual, a special case. A.C. had visited space as early as April 2008, but did not move into the asteroid that would become known as Prometheus Forge until late-August. While nobody would begrudge A.C. "First Fen" status, A.C.'s a private individual by nature and doesn't care about bragging rights.


  1. Assuming being Fen was ever "cool", of course.
  2. "Summer" for the Northern Hemisphere, most First Fen being from North America and Europe.