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The Secret Masters of Fenspace are the "movers and shakers" in the society above Earth's ionosphere - or, at least, that's what the SMOFs say. One becomes a SMOF by subscribing and posting to the SMOF Mailing List... which is not as easy as it sounds, since the mailing list itself is not widely known outside of the SMOF. (Usually, an established SMOF subscribes a new SMOF to the list; this has become a "rite of passage" in some SMOF circles.)

Known faction leaders were added to the SMOF-ML as they became known until mid-2012, when everyone assumed someone else would add Haruhi Suzumiya to the mailing list. When the SMOF realized they'd forgotten to add her, they had also realized it would be a mistake to let her anywhere near the SMOF-ML, so they signed up her apparent XO Kyon instead.

(Metafictionally, the SMOFs are the writer avatars, plus a few characters who it would have been impolitic, impolite, or insufficiently-humorous to leave off the list.)

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