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Spacecraft Registry
Odyssey in Martian orbit.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom-built hull modules
Length352.65 m / 1157'
Width472.65 m / 1550'
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Armament1 concealed point-defence turret
Primary ManufacturerStellvia Corporation
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordStellvia Corporation
Registry NumberAres-46
Launched18 September 2014
PurposeTourist resort
Primary CrewPatricia ("Patty") O'Neill (commander)
Travis Fallingbrook ("number one" and chief duty officer)
Carlos Martinez (security chief)
Cynthia Konstantine (chief pilot)
Julian Friez (chief engineer)
Other CrewRenée Taliaferro (chief ATC officer)
Dr. Melissa Eveningstar (medic)
Gabriel Samsen (Hotel Odyssey majordomo)
M'Ryiah (United Federation of Planets liaison)
Auxillary VehiclesLanster, Lushe, Mondial, and Nakajima (Type-7 shuttles)
Yagami (Bolitho class commander's gig)
Operational StatusActive
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When Miyuri Akisato replaced Patty O'Neill as Stellvia's Chief ATC officer in November 2013, Noah Scott gave Patty a promotion and the responsibility of overseeing the construction of what was planned to be Stellvia's fourth habitat ring. However, his long-term plans changed when the Artemis Foundation was founded. The ring was quickly given a new core section and moved to Mars orbit to become Station Odyssey, with Patty in charge.

Like Stellvia, there is a hotel in Odyssey's core section. Unlike Stellvia, the hotel takes up the top five levels of the core, including the observation deck at the very "top" of the station.

The United Federation of Planets has a liaison officer aboard Odyssey, as they do with all stations in Martian orbit ever since late-May 2013 when a Boskonian stealth operation nearly destroyed an incoming ship. M'Ryiah is a trained diplomat and a victim of the Catgirling Machine.

Station Quirks

The substantial use of hardtech (both native and from the Whole Fenspace Catalog) during construction of Odyssey has left the station remarkably quirk-free.

Crew Quirks

Speak Softly...: Patty is quiet and unassuming more often than not. When she does raise her voice, everyone pays attention.

I learned that on the streets: Carlos Martinez grew up in Mexico City, and picked up most of his dirty-fighting skills while a teenager.

Number 24, I think: The resident Julian Friez has taken to engineering like a duck to water (apropos considering his webbed hands and feet), and has become at least halfway-acceptable at performing all the minor tasks that need to be done around Odyssey. He's still primarily a plumber, though.

We're playing Deimos next week: Renée Taliaferro fronts and plays guitar for Bombastic Hush, an all-girl French-pop-influenced Electropop trio with a minor following on Mars. Some people time their trips to Odyssey so that they'll hear Renée's voice over the ATC channel. (Renée is the youngest of the senior staff; she's only 21 years old.)

Sunbeam! Zzzzz... When not carrying out the duties the Federation has assigned to her, M'Ryiah can often be found curled up on one of the park benches in the station's buckydome.


The station is named after A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum. Fans of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick are usually disappointed to learn this.

Odyssey uses the same duty uniforms as Stellvia, replacing the "Stellvia" patches with "Odyssey" patches.

As is standard in all Stellvia Corporation and Artemis Foundation installations, Odyssey has its own Interwave node. Since the nodes at Port Lowell, Port Phobos, and Starbase 1 are easily capable of handling all Interwave traffic in the vicinity of Mars, the transceiver installed here is a low-volume node just sufficient for the station's own use. The station also has a Halcyon node, over which most of the corporate traffic flows.

In order to foster closer relations with the United Federation of Planets, Stellvia Corporation purchased four Type-7 shuttles for station use. These have been named Lanster, Lushe, Mondial, and Nakajima. The commander's gig is a Senshi-built craft, named Yagami.[1]


Just as Stellvia has Meg's as its largest and best-known restaurant/bar, Odyssey has Mughi's. The name was suggested by station owner Noah Scott when he discovered that many Boskonians were calling him "half of Great Justice's Dirty Pair".

Unlike Meg's, Mughi's doesn't have a signature dish for which it's famous. Instead, it's best known as a "supper club" where the manager, Tsumugi Shelby, plays quiet jazz piano during dinner hours. (The regulars know that everything's all right in the kitchen while the music is playing.)

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  1. And Noah Scott was surprised that the names were still available.