Most Serene Republic of Pavonis

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Most Serene Republic of Pavonis
CapitalPavonis Arcology
Official language(s) None official
Recognised regional languages English
Membership Fenspace Convention
Free Mars Coalition
NERV Foundation
Government Consular republic
 -  Chairman Thomas Finnegan
 -  Foundation 2010 
 -  Reorganization 2024 
 -  2025 estimate 1,050,000 

In 2025, the City-State of Sheffield and the City-State of New Port of the Pavonis Arcology joined together with the City-State of Sanq on Asteroid Station MO-I to form a new political entity, the Most Serene Republic of Pavonis.

Pavonis Arcology

see full article: Pavonis Arcology

Organization of the Zodiac

A subfaction of the Gundam community, the After Colony Subfaction, also called the Organization of the Zodiac (shortened Ozies), are fans of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing and its spinoffs. The Ozies were initially Belters. During the Boskone War they evacuated their base of operations MO-I (formerly Asteroid 1098 Hakone) to Mars southern polar orbit with help from the Rockhounds. Its only settlement, Sanq, is a small, tightly knit community.

In need of an orbital facility for varying reasons, the Seele Council considered this something akin to providence. Amidst the war, they and the Ozies struck a deal. The NERV Foundation would be allowed to pay to operate a portion of MO-I as the Hakone Aerospace Yards (XHAY). In return, the more militant side of the Ozies would receive funding and training to become the STARS Naval Division, taking charge of all spaceborn Section Two operations except Intelligence.


Most educational facilities in the Republic are present in the Pavonis Arcology. These include Mahora Academy (consisting of Airi Ikuhara Elementary School, Crest View Middle School, Smart Brain High School, and Acme University) and the Sheffield Community Centre (which holds several courses offered from Mahora). Plans are currently in place to open a new campus of Mahora in Sanq whenever commuting should become more effort than it is worth.

Following the release of the redacted portions of the Whole Fenspace Catalog, the NERV Foundation provided part of the funding for the establishment of the Mahora Academy Centre for the Study of the Arcane. Jokingly called the Marduk Institute by NGE fans, it absorbed the functions of the foundation’s Project Longinus Lance in deciphering magic’s mysteries. The main MACSA facilities are in the Baker’s Hollow district of New Port City, on the opposite side of the Pavonis caldera from the main district for safety’s sake.


Like Canada and several other countries in mundania, the Most Serene Republic is bilingual. In this case, both English and Japanese are present in signage and elsewhere.


The four sections of the NERV Foundation and their various divisions handle most public services throughout the Pavonis Arcology and the MO-I Asteroid Station.

The Pavonis Arcology Police Department and Pavonis Arcology Fire Department, while started by the NERV Foundation, were immediately decentralized form NERV to private control following completion. In addition to various non-lethal equipment, the PAPD armory stocks the Beretta Px4 Storm (Sidearm), the Beretta Cx4 Storm (Carbine), and the Beretta Rx4 Storm (Rifle). The Sanq-Hakone Police Department adopted the PAPD model following the founding of the republic.

Medical facilities include the NERV Medical Ward (c. 2011), the Sheffield Medical Centre (c 2013), and the New Port General Hospital (c. 2019). The Sanq Medical Centre was unofficially open since the settlement was founded.

Sanq, Sheffield, and New Port City each possess a mayor and a city council. H.G. Wells Spaceport, Hakone Aerospace Yard, and Hollow Fields Plantation each have an administrator appointed by the Gehirn Council. NERV Headquarters and the Geofront are directly under NERV Foundation control.

The Court of Justice, Chamber of Commerce, and Board of Education are self-explanatory components of the republic government.

Gehirn Council

At CorusCon it was announced that a new five-member council would be taking over the governance duties of the Pavonis Arcology previously held by the Seele Council starting that January. As of 2025, the Gehirn Council’s role and size was expanded to become the governing body of the Pavonis Republic.

The currently eight-member Gehirn Council is presently composed of the democratically elected mayors of Sanq, Sheffield, and New Port City, the administrators of H.G. Wells Spaceport, Hollow Fields Plantation, Hakone Aerospace Yard, and the Seele Council Chairman representing the NERV Foundation. Its leader – and head of the republic – is the Gehirn Chairman, who is elected by a majority vote of the republic citizens, and can serve as many as two five-year terms.

Dramatis Personae

Thomas Finnegan – Gehirn Council – 1st Chairman of the Republic
A former Irish citizen, Mr. Finnegan was elected the first Gehirn Council chairman by the people of the republic due to his popularity as the former – and original – mayor of Sheffield. He will be eligible for re-election in 2030.