Face on Mars

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The Original Face of Mars

Possibly the most well known feature on Mars, the Face of Mars is a rocky mesa in the Cydonia region that appears to be a large, carved humanoid face in a famous set of pictures from the Viking missions. Subsequent missions to Mars were disappointed to learn that the appearance of the face was a combination of shadows and the poor resolution of the orbiting cameras.

Fen being Fen, they dealt with this disappointment by carving their own face out of a nearby mesa using 'waved excavating tools 'borrowed' from the construction of Marsbase Sara. The new Face of Mars is an oval, androgynous face with overly large eyes and a wide mouth. The surface of the face has lines carved over it giving the appearance of being constructed from large blocks of stone, even though this is not the case.

In recent years, smooth, elegant humanoid statues have begun appearing on the plains near the new Face. Dubbed the Fennish Moai, they range in size from slightly smaller than a human to taller than a Zentradi. They are carved from native stone, but no-one has admitted to being the carver.