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R. Yuu Inagawa
R. 猪名川由宇
Yuu Inagawa.gif
BornMarch 14, 2014(2014-03-14)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5[1]
ResidenceUltima Station
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese (AI)
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
OccupationArtist, Hotel Manager
EmployerStellvia Corporation
Height155 cm
TitleStaff Artist
Manager, Hotel Ultima
PartnerR. Shinji Ikari
ChildrenR. Nana (daughter)
ParentsAgatha Clay (mother)
RelativesNoah Scott (grandfather)
A.C. Peters (grandmother, sort of)
Sora Hasegawa (aunt)
Kohran Li (aunt)
Yoriko Nikaido (aunt)
Yayoi Fujisawa (aunt)
Quattro (sister)

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk

R. Yuu Inagawa is a Scott-series AI, but one not built by Noah Scott or A.C. Peters - instead, she was built by the Boskonian Scott-series AI Agatha Clay, who used their original plans. She was delivered to Stellvia, where a prearranged (and somewhat explosive) memory-wipe caused her to essentially be "born" anew; this failed to disrupt the wedding of Noah Scott and Leda Swansen, but did cause some consternation in the upper ranks of Stellvia Corporation.

It was discovered less than a week later that Yuu was a designed as a Trojan Horse - she had brought a computer virus with a catastrophic payload aboard that infected the Scott-series AIs resident on the station. In order to attempt to determine who was behind the sabotage, Stellvia Corporation held the first Cosmic Party spot-show and doujin sale in order to create a large enough event to be worth disrupting, then ensured the event both would and would not be disrupted.

After the events of the first Cosmic Party, the remaining logic bombs and viruses in Yuu's system were removed by the Hacker Underspace and A.C. Peters. Noah Scott then personally hired Yuu, giving her a position in Stellvia Corporation's art department. She thrived there for years, gradually becoming a member of the Stellvian inner circle (and a StellviaCorp shareholder).

A short time after R. Shinji Ikari was awakened, he found his way to Stellvia, where Yuu and Shinji met. It was "like at first sight" - while neither of them has ever displayed any affection for the other, it wasn't long before they were almost always seen in each other's company. When station Ultima was completed, Miyuri Akisato took Yuu along to run the station's hotel, and Yuu took Shinji along to serve as the station's security chief. They continue to spend time with each other as "just friends," and have built a daughter, Nana.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Yuu appears to be a 19-year-old Japanese girl with long brown hair tied into twin ponytails, standing a petite 155 cm tall[3] - even Gina Langley is taller than Yuu. Her "three sizes" are 79-55-80[4], and she acts as if she had blood type B.[5]

She's a good artist and serial-artist storyteller, who thinks it more important to tell an entertaining story than to sell every copy of that story. She also has the skills needed to run an onsen ryokan[6].

Yuu can be loud and aggressive both in the spot sales and in her private life, but she is always feminine (she's no tsundere), and she cares about the people closest to her even if she has trouble showing it.


Yuu has a major role in the following stories:


  1. Physically, Yuu was born somewhere on 2462 Nehalennia, but because of her forced memory-wipe and reboot, she has no continuity of memory before reawakening on Stellvia. Thus, she is legally considered to have been born on the station.
  2. When asked, Yuu reminds the nosy person that none of them are biological people, so the rules for biological people don't have to apply to them.
  3. 5'1", for the metric-challenged
  4. 31-22-31 - Gina's bigger here, too.
  5. Data copied from the official Comic Party page.
  6. An onsen ryokan is a Japanese inn with a hot spring. This is why Miyuri asked Yuu to become the majordomo of Hotel Ultima.