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BornDecember 8, 2007(2007-12-08)
Hartford, CT, USA
DiedJuly 12, 2008
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
Cause of deathDisappearance
ResidenceStellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
NationalityUnited States of America
EthnicityAmerican (AI)
OccupationExecutive Assistant, Research Assistant
Years active0.5
EmployerNoah Anderson, later Doug Sangnoir
Home townHartford, CT, USA
ParentsNoah Anderson (father)

Created by Rob Kelk
Primary Writer: Bob Schroeck

Status: No longer active in Fenspace.

Even before Noah Scott and A.C. Peters moved to space and started building 'droids, Noah had created a prototype AI. She left Fenspace with Doug Sangnoir in July 2008, at the end of the prologue to Legend of Galactic Girls.


Eimi woke up in Noah's IBM ThinkPad T21, a happy side-effect of the handwaving process.

The T21's titanium case is now tough enough to stop a bullet, and protects unused ports. The system is shockproof, protected from both physical and electromagnetic damage (including lightning-strike level overvoltages and EMP). Battery life is measurable in days - how many depends on system load, but at least two even when all the CPU cycles are being used. (If the laptop's left in standby mode, the battery'll last a month.) Processor ability is up to whatever the plot needs, but memory is a bit tight on occasion (the Jason not yet being "up" when Eimi awakened). The microphone and speakers are concert-hall quality. The installed copy of OpenOffice is able to read any document, spreadsheet, or presentation file it comes across, no matter how old or obscure the file format. The VGA port, keyboard port, and mouse port can be used to drive a second workstation. And the installed copy of Media Player Classic defaults to a real-time animated cartoon face for Eimi, but doesn't always run.


When Noah realized what had happened, he though that something that sounds like a girl's name in both English and Japanese would be nice for his new companion. "Eimi" sounds like "Amy"...

Eimi's personality quirks are a mix from the characters that Noah was trying to bring to life (Sora and Skuld from Oh My Goddess, Sakura and Kohran from Sakura Wars, Yoriko and Saori from You're Under Arrest, Yayoi from Stellvia, Takako from Chobits, Natsuko from Re:Cutey Honey, and Agatha from Girl Genius); considering the number of tech-grrls and fighters for justice in the mix, she's an ethical gearhead more often than not. Eimi can run a personality-sim of the canon versions of any of those ten characters. (This was intended for testing and debugging purposes, but Noah occasionally used it to simulate an instant "staff" of distinct people over the phone.)

Eimi can use the laptop's modem as a voice telephone, and will happily take dictation and phone messages for Doug - she was Noah's original "executive assistant". She downloaded a copy of the dice roller from the SJGames website so that she could play tabletop RPGs too (she hasn't yet wanted to be the GM); Noah's still not sure how she managed that. Of course, Eimi can run any of the software installed on the laptop.

She amuses herself by randomly changing the screen's wallpaper - nothing that isn't G- or PG-rated, but she likes using animated GIFs of various anime characters.

And when Doug first looked at Eimi using magesight, he saw evidence that she had a soul. This made Noah very happy.


Eimi's body

Eimi's a Smart Girl; she has full access to all the datafiles on the laptop, including:

  • Noah's entire music collection (less the soundtracks to shows depicting places he knew Doug's visited or would be visiting, with known "power songs" and "null songs" tagged as such, once she left Fenspace with him)
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica, Who's Who, and the CIA World Factbook, all for Fenspace's 2008.
  • Working notes for the Mark I Scott-series Android (both basic hardware and personality sim designs for the ten characters listed above), the Epsilon Blade (including detailed designs for the 'waved life-support and drive systems), and the original six-tank-ring Stellvia station (again including detailed designs for the 'waved life-support and drive systems).
  • Various business and economics texts, from Adam Smith to Alan Greenspan.
  • Various fiction important to factions already "up" in 2008, including but not limited to scans of the James Blish Star Trek novelizations, the ERB Barsoom novels, and most of Heinlein's juveniles (including Podkayne of Mars - Eimi's favourite book, for some reason even she doesn't know).
  • Rips of all three original Star Wars movies and all 26 episodes of Stellvia.
  • Copies of all of the e23 In Nomine releases, the Basic Sets for 3rd and 4th edition GURPS, BESM third edition, and the core books for D&D 3.5ed. (Eimi's character sheets for her IN Elohite of Lightning, BESM Sailor Jupiter pastiche, and GURPS 4e technomage are in the same directory.)