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BornNot known(Mid-2014?)
Residence2462 Nehalennia, Main Belt
EthnicityJapanese (variant)
Years active2015
EmployerNaoko Sato
Home town2462 Nehalennia, Main Belt
ParentsAgatha Clay (Mother)
RelativesYuu Inagawa (sister)

A Boskonian Madgirl living on 2462 Nehalennia. Constructed by Agatha Clay as Agatha's best attempt at showing up her parents. She is a modification of the original Scott-series designs, incorporating some technology of Agatha’s own devising.

She appears cute and ditzy at first, but this belies a truly malignant personality. A strong believer in the right of the strong over the weak, Quattro has little compunction with using, killing and torturing those she sees as inferior. She treats people much the same way a cat treats a mouse before eating it. She is a mad scientist without obligation, or without remorse, experimenting on unwilling subjects, then casually disposing of them when they are of no further use.

Prior to February 2015, she lived on Nehalennia where she workd for Naoko Sato.


Female, average height with above-average figure. Golden hair often tied into twin pigtails, golden eyes. Often wears a blue bodysuit with the Roman Numeral 'IV' on it, a silver cape, and a pair of glasses.

Mundane Attributes

  • Considers those she sees as inferior to her as utterly utterly unworthy of living. She sees them as things to be used.
  • Skilled hacker, capable of giving many members of Hacker Underspace a run for their money.
  • Definitely not a Bond Villain. Not above disposing of potential enemies quickly and expediently.
  • Prefers to fight from as far away from the enemy as possible, using ECM and ECCM to disrupt and confuse attacks.
  • Projects a cute genius-ditz facade to encourage the enemy to underestimate her. In reality, extremely intelligent and dangerously manipulative.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Her 'Silver Cape' is capable of deflecting bullets and catgirl claws.
  • Heavily modified Scott-series android. Agatha Clay’s best effort so far.


  • Smarter than is good for her and prone to overconfidence in her own judgment, to her own detriment.
  • Based closely on a fictional character, which allows strangers to predict her reactions with some accuracy if they've found and reviewed the source material.
  • Non-fighter. Has little to no personal combat skills. Relies on the fact that she's an android when facing human-level opponents.
  • Doesn't need to wear her glasses. They're both part of her facade and part of a wireless link to Nehalennia's systems.


  • Quattro's appearance, personality, and voice are based on the character of the same name from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. (The Japanese voice, of course.)


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