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EmployerDr. Asmodeus Grey

Open Character / Boskonian, created by Rob Kelk from an idea by kentmagus

Some 'danelaw sources have called Profeta "one of the super-soldiers that Dr. Asmodeus Grey has personally serving him." It's more accurate to say that Profeta is one of Dr. Grey's specialist advisers.

"Profeta" is Italian for "seer." While he doesn't have any psychic abilities, Profeta is very good at putting together coherent information structures and using them to forecast upcoming events. This has led analysts in the Space Patrol's Section 4 to suspect that Profeta is either biomodded or an artificial intelligence.[1]

It is because of this ability that both Profeta and Dr. Grey were not present during the Fall of Boskone Prime; Profeta's data model indicated that it was no longer safe to remain at that Boskonian base. This was discovered when La Mariposa was tried for her crimes in early 2014; she said that Dr. Grey had warned her to leave, but she refused to take his advice.

Some bounty hunters are convinced that finding and capturing Profeta is a necessary prerequisite to finding and capturing Dr. Grey. If they are correct, they have yet to succeed; Profeta uses his ability to remain one step ahead of the law.[2]


Middle-aged black-haired male of Mediterranean descent, otherwise nondescript.


  1. The ability to envision useful data models is rare but present in biomods and AIs (such as A.C. Peters and Takami Sakuragi, respectively), but almost never appears in the general population.
  2. However, since no data model is perfect, Profeta occasionally has to escape from Space Patrol agents, Troubleshooters, or bounty hunters, instead of avoiding them completely, as he would prefer.