Type-7 shuttle

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Spacecraft Registry
Type-7 shuttle
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom hull
Drive Type1x impulse engines
1x warp drive
Drive RatingPeak velocity 0.06c
Armamentpoint-defence laser array
Primary ManufacturerUtopia Planitia Shipyard
OwnerStarfleet Command
FactionUnited Federation of Planets (primary user)
Registry NumberVariable
Purposeshuttlecraft (personnel carrier)
Primary Crew2 pilots
Other Crewup to 15 passengers, depending on configuration
Operational StatusIn Production
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The Type-7 shuttle is one of the earliest purpose-built mass-produced ship classes in Fenspace.[1] Originally built by the United Federation of Planets for their own personnel-transport needs, the class has begun to be used elsewhere in Fenspace.

Class Quirks

  • We Are The Trek Collective: The computer-generated voice synthesizer on all Type-7 shuttles uses the distinctive tones of Majel Barrett. This also applies to any (non-AI) computer hooked into the ship's communications equipment for longer than 12 hours.


  1. Alongside the "X-Wing" and "Bolitho" class ships.