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Gathered notes about the United Federation of Planets' post-secondary educational institution, with a bare-bones structure added around them - this needs to be turned into a real article.

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Utopia Planitia Campus

  • main campus
  • at Utopia Planitia, Mars
  • only Academy facility on a planet's surface
  • largest Academy campus
  • has the largest Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering departments in Fenspace

Starbase 1 Campus

Main Belt Campus


  • Direct Tutoring aboard FedFen ships, either by the Ship's Computer linking into the Academy database or directly from somebody who knows something and is willing to teach it (the latter is very popular aboard the Miranda)
  • Apprenticeships with friendly factions (e.g. M'Ryiah learning station operations from Patty O'Neill on Odyssey) - this is a two-way street (e.g. Patty O'Neill learning diplomacy from M'Ryiah at the same time)


Starfleet Academy is funded and run by the United Federation of Planets.

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