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Spacecraft Registry
Starbase 1
Starbase 1.png
"When are we going to get some chairs in here?" Starbase 1 auxiliary control room, as of the move of the station to Mars orbit.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom modular
Drive Typeimpulse engines
Drive Ratingstationkeeping only
Flag of RecordUnited Federation of Planets
FactionUnited Federation of Planets
Registry NumberSB-001
LaunchedNovember, 2007
PurposeSpace station and shipyard
Primary Crewunknown
Other CrewLiza (holodeck administration AI)
unknown others
Operational StatusActive
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Starbase 1 is the first fen space station, built in low Earth orbit in late 2007 by the Trekkies, and eventually moved to a synchronous orbit over Mars when the Utopia Planitia settlement was built. Starbase 1 is the heart of the Martian shipbuilding industry and the home base of the Federation Starfleet, meaning that hundreds of spacecraft in various stages of completion are gathered around the station at any given point.

The Starbase 1 campus of Starfleet Academy maintains an Astroball stadium for piloting training and for the resident team, the Academy Cadets.


Starbase 1 is the setting for Surfing with the Alien 2.