Maxmilian MacManus

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Spacecraft Registry
Maximilian MacManus
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom, hand-built (Looks like a VF-1S)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (The acceleration thrusters contain enough reaction mass for about 30 seconds at 5 Gs, so are used only in circumstances where the acceleration can throw off someone who's expecting a standard 'wavetech drive.)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.05c
OwnerFred MacManus
Flag of RecordPrincipality of Laputa, 2 Pallas
FactionBrowncoats, Mad Scientists Union, Foglios, Gearheads, Howard Foundation, The Cyber Confederation
Registry NumberRegistry number? We don't need no STINKING registry numbers!
LaunchedAugust 8, 2008
PurposePersonal transportation and defense
Primary CrewFred
Operational StatusActive
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Max was built from scratch, back on Earth, as a full-scale mock-up of a VF-1S. With a good dose of Handwavium in the plastic mix for the hull, Fred was able to create what he calls "MacManusite", which is, as Max calls it, "classical AD&D Adamantine, made with plastic instead of silver." Due to not having enough to dose both Max and his gun pod at the same time, the two ended up with some slightly different quirks, which can make for problems in coordination in emergencies. (YOU try playing both Nadesico and Wagner at the same time!)

August 8, 2008, was the date they left Earth, pausing at various stops on the way to their final destination. Fred already knew, even then, that Pallas was his goal, and that if he could get there first, he could transform it the way it was imagined in one of his favorite novels. Luckily for Fred, Max Awakened before lift-off. If not for Max's Awakening, Fred might have just kept on going, past the Limit, and never stopped.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Zen AI: Max is noted for a very mellow outlook on life. In fact, the more wound up Fred gets, the more mellow Max gets - as if Max is deliberately countering Fred's excitement with his own mellowness. Max likes watching yoga and meditation videos, and has stored copies of every Buddhist, Taoist, and Shinto text he could get his digital fingers on.
  • At Least It's Not Getter-Powered: Max's power supply requires constant exposure to mecha anime in order to work. Contrary to what you'd expect, given his appearance and name, Macross is not the power supply's favorite show, either. Instead, it prefers Daiguard and Nadesico. Meanwhile, the gun pod, which has a separate power supply, requires input of Wagner and Tchaikovsky before it will put out enough energy to power the Gatling laser.
  • It's Not Unobtainium, it's MacManusite!: Max's structure sparkles as if impregnated with powdered diamond. In fact, that's exactly what it is impregnated with. He started out as a full-sized model of a VF-1S built out of an experimental plastic made of Lexan and diamond dust, activated by handwavium. He describes it as "classical AD&D Adamantine, made with plastic instead of silver."


Max spends most of his time parked on Pallas, keeping watch over the other mecha, as well as the space around Pallas.