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Task Force Tango Shoes
Active 20 August 2012 - present
Country Fenspace Convention
Allegiance Great Justice
Branch Marines
Type Mobile Infantry
Role Rapid-action Assault
Garrison/HQ Serenity Valley
Patron Stellvia Corporation
Engagements Battle of 1186 Turnera (first battle as a unit)
Battle of Serenity Valley
Battle of Jusenkyou
Winry Rockbell

Task Force Tango Shoes is an all-female multi-ethnic combat team, originally formed by Great Justice to take down the racist and sexist Turnerites during the Boskone War.

The unit has its headquarters near the Stellvia Corporation complex in Serenity Valley, Ganymede. The Roadrunner class ship Lucy Brewer is permanently assigned to Tango Shoes, serving as their troop carrier.

Many notable people have served with Tango Shoes, including Winry Rockbell (the task force's first commander), Tom Dobbs, and (in a support role) Sailor Stellvia.