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It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.

—Carl Friedrich Gauss, 1808

The Vesta Institute of Robotics, located in Novyi Petrovichi, 4 Vesta, the Main Belt, is a post-secondary educational institute founded in 2009 to teach both the theory and practice of robotics. The school also carries out basic research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


VIR offers full undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Optical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Cybernetics[1]. The Institute also offers undergraduate minor programs in Astrophysics, Linguistic Theory, and History and Archaeology of the Sciences.

All students are required to successfully complete the Institute's "Concise Scientific Writing" and "Social Implications of Physical Sciences" courses before being allowed to graduate. "Ethics of Creating Artificial Intelligence" is also a required course for all Cybernetics majors and many Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Computer Sciences majors.


The major area of research at the Vesta Institute of Robotics is Artificial Intelligence. Information in the Whole Fenspace Catalog has opened up new avenues of investigation in hardtech AI design, and the VIR is at the forefront of cataloging, analyzing, and integrating this section of the Catalog with local research. This research has uncovered a wealth of information about diagnosis and treatment of AI mental disorders, and has also produced some small incremental improvements in semiconductor design and manufacturing.

Associated Facilities

The Vesta Institute of Robotics has small satellite campuses at Alphaville, 74 Galatea[2], Sagan Town, 2709 Sagan, and Hogsmeade, 10 Hygiea[3].


VIR is a sister school to the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry.


  1. Courses in Cybernetics are offered in cooperation with the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry
  2. The Alphaville facility is the only one staffed entirely by AIs.
  3. The Hogsmeade campus researches computer daemon summoning and other technomagical fields, and is considered by the rest of the VIR to be where the crackpots hang out.