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The Crystal Cities (or, occasionally, Cloud Cities) are the home base of the Crystal Millennium and the Venus Terraforming Project.

They can be found suspended in the upper atmosphere Venus, in three clusters roughly 120 degrees apart. The cities are named after cities on Earth, and the clusters are informally named after the parts of Earth where the original cities can be found.

As of 2015, there were ten Crystal Cities, plus one destroyed city.

The Crystal Cities exist for the Venus Terraforming Project. Crystal Osaka used to be the main bio-lab, before it was destroyed; Crystal Kyoto has taken over that role (giving up some of the space it was dedicating to being the local vacation spot). Crystal Titusville turns atmospheric hydrocarbons into fuels, polymers, and other things. Crystal Paris and Crystal Hiroshima are primarily spacedocks, with Paris being the drydock and Hiroshima being the naval base. Crystal Tokyo is the administrative center - as the first of the Crystal Cities, it also has basic equipment to perform all of the functions that the other cities specialize in. Crystal Sapporo is home to the faction's police headquarters.

Each cluster is one-third of the way around the planet from each of the other two clusters, give or take a few degrees of longitude - they drift according to the needs of the VTP. Communications satellites are positioned midway between each cluster, so they can stay in touch without horizon effects interfering with the radio signals.


a.k.a. the "Japan Cluster"

Crystal Tokyo
The prefectural capital, and the host of Castle Magellan (the seat of government of the entire faction)
Crystal Hiroshima
Home of both the Sailor Armed Militia headquarters and Crystal Hiroshima Hospital, the largest medical facility in Cytherean orbit
Crystal Kyoto
The Venus Terraforming Project's current headquarters, and the cluster's primary vacation spot
Crystal Sapporo
The cluster's agricultural centre, and the headquarters of the AMP. Also home to Crystal Sapporo Brewery, one of the most noted breweries in Fenspace

Crystal Osaka was also part of the Japan Cluster before its destruction in January 2013, during Operation Great Justice anti-zwilnick activity. It was the original base for the Venus Terraforming Project.

Nova Europa

a.k.a. the "Europe Cluster"

Crystal Moscow
Seat of the prefectural government
Crystal Paris
The Senshi's primary dry dock and light-manufacturing centre
Crystal Venice
Essentially a tourist destination (much like its namesake on Earth)

High America

a.k.a. "Americas Cluster"

Crystal Rio
Seat of the prefectural government
Crystal Seattle
The most obviously Western of the Crystal Cities, and the cluster's primary vacation spot
Crystal Titusville
Home to the Senshi's heavy industry, including the faction's signature industrial-diamond manufacturing plants and StelOil's largest refinery