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"He's been dosed?" Katz nodded in response to Lisa's question. "What's this drug do to a person?"

Leda didn't look away from Noah as she answered. "It incapacitates the user while causing him to hallucinate. The hallucinations are always visions of the person's desires. Overdoses are fatal."

"... kill all the Turnerites -- it's the only way to be sure ..." muttered Noah.

"What sort of desires?"

"All of the person's desires, Ms. Kino," replied Katz. "Even the ones they don't admit to themselves. Even the ones that cause them emotional pain."

—From Legend of Galactic Girls Chapter Three, Fist of the Morning Star

A drug derived from a Venusian source notionally termed broadleaf (actually several varieties of Venusian terraforming bacteria) and including microscopic quantities of Handwavium (not enough for a biomod effect without lethal doses). Rare and extraordinarily expensive due to the risks inherent in harvesting on Venus. Like its namesake, it is overwhelmingly addictive and destructive. Term originated with Doc Smith/Lensman fandom.