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Residence36 Atalante
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesBologna Loaf Express
Home townSan Antonio, Texas, United States of America, Earth
Service/branchThe Roughriders
Height18" (at shoulder)
Weight60 lbs.
Known forBeing completely unstoppable

"Benjamin, are you sure you want to do this?" asked his father, Johan Jones. Ben looked up at his elder and had to reset his mental processes - he was still getting used to the sight of his Dad sporting the pointed ears and arched eyebrows that were the hallmarks of the Romulan/Vulcan breed. Of course, his Dad being an inherent badass (despite his seemingly dull occupation) he leaned far over into the Romulan side. "Oliver did break through a battle-steel blast door to get to you last time."

Ben sighed heavily. "It's not like he's actually going to hurt me. He just wants to play. It figures since he's not his old self anymore."

Johan chuckled at that. After The Incident the Pembroke Welsh Corgi had reverted from 'Old Dog' to 'Technically Still a Puppy.' Everyone was wondering how long that would last, but no one was holding their breath.

The two men then looked at what they had. In the B-36 maintenance hangar, they had setup a series barriers, all made of various materials - some mundane and some wave-enhanced. There were sandbags, mortar, bricks, concrete, steel, and even tank of water.

"Well," said Johan, as though reflecting on some wistful memory, "might as well get this over with."

"Yep," agreed Benjamin. He then looked up at the cat-walks overhead and called out, "Hey, Jess! All the cameras ready?"

"Sure thing, Boss!" called back the cyan-haired particle. "We're already recording now."

"Bitchin'," said Ben with a smile. "Go ahead and have Mom bring him in then."

"HOLD IT!" called out Gina from behind. "You are not doing this without safety gear!" Ben and Johan turned to see and Johan had to stifle a laugh. Gina was coming in with a red catcher's pad and face-guard. Without ceremony, she practically threw the pad over Ben's chest, causing him to 'oof!' in the process, and shoved the face-guard over his face.

"Gee, thanks a bunch," said Ben cheerfully as he raised the face guard. "Wish me luck?"

"You?" said Gina with a mock-sneer. "You're lucky enough to have me, dumkopf."

"Ah, I stand corrected then." Benjamin then darted his head in and stole a kiss. "I settle for that instead."

Gina grinned evilly. "That's allllll you'll settle for?" Johan bit down on his lips, fighting back a bark of laughter and turning green for the effort.

Ben smiled back. "Gina, love of my life? Working now. We'll play later, okay?"

Gina harrumphed and walked away, swinging her hips as she went. Benjamin grinned and shook his head. His dad finally let a small laugh go and gave Ben a pat on the back. No other words here needed to be exchanged.

"Alright, let's do this, people!" called out Ben as he turned back to the long row of barriers. As Ben got into position, Kaitlyn Jones walked a happy corgi into the hangar. Oliver was your typical Pembroke Welsh Corgi - docked tail, orange body and white underside with stubby feet ending in white paws. Benjamin had on more than one occasion called Oliver the 'Bologna Loaf Express' because of his shape (large, loaf-like, and low to the ground) and how fast he'd come running when you call him.

Once Kaitlyn was in place, she took Oliver off the leash and the ready signal was given. Benjamin nodded to himself, took in a good breath of air, then...


Oliver's head instantly perked up as he made that classic doggie-expression that says, "Hey, that's me!" And then he broke into a sprint.

Each barrier made its own sound in sequence as the happy canine smashed through each one without slowing down. It was a very rapid sequence that might be likened unto the sequenced explosive charges used in precision-drop demolition. It was especially impressive when Oliver hit the tank of water - its entire contents shot upwards in a spray as though someone had lined the bottom with shaped C-4. Oliver then came through the last barrier like an armor piercing projectile - this one being six-inches of waved battle-steel.

The energetic corgi then made a flying tackle, hitting Ben right in the chest. The momentum caused them to slide over the smooth concrete deck for thirty feet.

When everyone caught up with them, Ben was laughing as he fought off Oliver's energetic doggy kisses. Soon enough, though, they were able to extricate Ben.

"That was awesome, Boss," said Jess enthusiastically. "We got some awesome footage of that stunt. Once we post the video on Fentube our hit-counts are gonna go nuts!"

Ben chuckled (he was still giggly after being subjected to such extraordinary affection from the family dog) and said, "Okay, but first things first. Get Oliver fitted for an A10 headset and have Ruri test him."

Jess cocked her head to the side. "You think he might be a data-dog as well?"

"Can't hurt to try. It's especially common in corgis thanks to Cowboy Bebop. If he does turn up as a data-dog, then he's going to become our lynchpin for smash-and-grab ops."

Oliver (AKA Bologna Loaf Express)

Age: 12
Height: 18" (at shoulder)
Weight: 60 lbs.
Hair: Orange w/White underbelly and paws
Eyes: Brown

Mundane Attributes

  • Family Dog: Oliver happily came to Fenspace with the rest of the family. Earth, asteroids, what's the difference?
  • Happy to Meet You: Oliver is a happy dog and very gregarious. He's a huge hit with the Senshi, who think he's absolutely adorable.
  • But Don't Mess With My Friends: He's also very protective. You just don't notice it until you've done something seriously wrong and you have a corgi chewing your arm off.

Handwavium Abilities

  • Newton's First Law: Only the first part applies to Oliver. As long as he wants to keep on going, then he is the Ultimate Unstoppable Object.
  • Cortana's My Chess Partner: Data-dog, like in Cowboy Bebop. Using an A10 doggie-collar, he can break through ciphers like it's nobody's business. Member of the Hacker Underspace.
  • Wolverine: rapid regenerative capabilities can keep him in the fight and possibly makes him immortal.

Handwavium Quirks

  • Hurf... hurf... hurf...: He's oddly mindful of security despite his happy-go-lucky nature. He'll be seen making regular rounds at Atalante, making low and grunting barks as he checks everything out.
  • Aroo? He's still a dog. You need to put things to him in doggie-terms.
  • NOM-NOM-NOM: Works for treats, play time, and tummy rubs.