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Convenient links for FenWiki maintenance

Wanted pages
Pages that need to be written
Pages that need to be written past their current "placeholder" status
Pages in need of cleanup
Pages that need to be re-written (slightly or massively)
Wanted files
Media that need to be (created and) uploaded
Image Requested
Pages without images
Member List
Who has accounts here
Special Pages
Other utility pages

Stub Pages I Promise to Flesh Out, Really

I still intend to get to these... really...

Playing with Dolls
Legend of Galactic Girls, chapters 4 and following
Cosmic Party
Distance Learning
The "Boskonian batch" - on hold until Cosmic Party is finished
Agatha Clay
La Mariposa - Spanish for "butterfly"
The "Artemis batch"
Handwavium Propulsion Laboratory
The "Senshi batch"
Crystal Titusville
Moon Kingdom Memorial Outpost
Other Pages
Helium - Still needs fleshing out (and editing to "wax poetic"), but it's better than it was
3895 Earhart
Solomon Space Agency - unless somebody else gets to it first
Red Lad Revue


Tell me a story about this picture. Just because I created it doesn't mean I have any idea what's going on here...


Keep-alive ping

hello world! --Robkelk (talk) 01:47, 20 April 2019 (UTC)