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There are those who would claim that every Fen settlement is a theme park of some sort, thanks to what many 'Danes think of as the Factions' "picturesque" habits. As Jon Helscher once wrote, that's just how Fen live. Actual Fen theme parks can be found throughout space.

Cislunar Space

Operating out of asteroid 4017 Disneya which was moved to Clarke orbit above 158°W (midway between Orlando and Tokyo, and as close to Hawai'i as possible) and rebuilt into a Cole habitat with Mouse ears, Disney's World is owned and operated by the Disney Corporation.

The Kandor Bottle is a small theme park in Kandor City, similiar in size and quality to the various "roadside attraction" parks throughout North America. While they concentrate on Supers-related exhibits, they have one room devoted to the events of Kandor-con. Just down the road from the Kandor Bottle is Mystery Rock, another roadside attraction "where gravity works normally in defiance of all natural law!"

Technically speaking, Fantasy Island is not in Fenspace, being located in "Skull Cove" on Earth. But it was claimed, decontaminated, and turned into a resort by employees of the SOS-Dan after the shipyards there were captured during Operation Great Justice, so it's usually counted as a Fen theme park. (When Larry King asked Noah Scott why Stellvia Corporation didn't buy the island from the SOS-Dan after OGJ, he replied, "I'd rather trust them with that than with something important.") Fantasy Island is much like any other island resort, except with catgirls.


The Holopark, located in the middle of Utopia Planitia on Mars, strongly resembles an old-style movie studio's back lot. There's a thousand-and-one-nights zone (complete with green dancing girls), a Chicago-gangland zone, a Klingon-homeworld zone, ... if it showed up on an episode of Star Trek, you can find something like it in the Holopark. The more popular zones are physical constructions; the less-popular ones are holographic displays, adapting technology originally developed by the Professor for OGJ warship consoles. The Holopark's motto is "Set Phasers On Fun!"


Dream Park takes up three entire levels of Crystal Seattle's bedrock. Using the same holographic technology as the Holopark, Dream Park runs total-immersion experience roleplaying games for their customers. The park is operated by a holding company co-owned by Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf Games, Steve Jackson Games, and the Professor. (Nobody knows why the Professor has taken an interest in this business, and so far nobody has been brave enough to ask.) Their most famous event is the Gygax Memorial Dungeon Crawl, held every March.

The Main Belt

Many people are amazed to discover the Wizards have nothing to do with Renfaire, until they remember the Potterites are interested in modern fantasy. Renfaire, found on asteroid 4860 Gubbio in the Main Belt, is owned by historical-reenactment fen. The park's biggest attraction is the resident Dandelion population, who act as wandering minstrels, troubadours, and bards. The second-biggest attraction is the monthly roasting of an entire ox - this is the only red meat some people in the Belt ever eat. Renfaire's Training Grounds have been open to all comers since the beginning of Operation Great Justice, and have completely modern medical staff on call.

Jurassic Rock is the nickname of an ex-Rockhounds asteroid owned by the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry. Originally intended as an easily-isolated place to perform dangerous genetic engineering experiments, successes at cloning pseudo-dinosaurs in 2011 created a tourist attraction. People come from across the System to see the (small) herds of Protoceratopses, Kentrosaurs, and Pterodactyls kochi. Jurassic Rock does not have a petting zoo, and nobody involved in the cloning project wants to even consider recreating a Velociraptor. Jurassic Rock is home to a week-long Pulper celebration that culminates with "Pellucidar Day" on September 1.

In a large hollowed-out section of asteroid 2277 Moreau, handwavium and various tech attachments have created a jungle-filled interior, complete with a underground sun, to server as the home of Monster Asteroid. This park is devoted to all of the classic giant monster movies. Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Gamera, King Kong... they're all represented. Rumors that some of the monsters are not animatronic, but instead were created by the Jason, are unfounded... although he does get a certain look in his eye whenever anyone asks about the subject. The Jason did help the creators with the plants for the jungle.