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A race limited to a single planet, possessing a high knowledge of mechanics but with its basic machines of industry and war requiring a large capital investment, will inevitably tend toward collectivism under one name or another. Free enterprise needs elbow room.

—Poul Anderson, Margin of Profit (1956)

Even in Fenspace, people have to work for a living. The Boskonians may see crime as acceptable, but the rest of Fenspace doesn't...

Major Fen Companies


People who make things for a living.

Manufacturing Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
ACP Engineering Company Located on the the Main Belt asteroid Prometheus Forge, ACP Engineering Company is the parent company for A.C. Peters and the Forge Crews businesses.
This includes an R&D house, a cybertech clinic, Electronic, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies, and a Shipyard.
Hephaestus crew patch.png
The first heavy industry in the Main Belt, Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd. is Fenspace's oldest and largest steelworks. They also operate a shipyard.


People who sell things for a living.

Trading Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
CHOAM The Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles hope to making interstellar trading easy by gaining a very early monopoly on it. They are Stellvia Corporation's largest rivals.
The first of Fenspace's luxury-goods traders, Stellvia Corporation has branched out into general trading, tourism services, pure science, and philanthropic activities.


People who move things or people for a living.

Transportation Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
HUD Hermes Universal Deliveries is Fenspace's original delivery service.
JMC logo.png
Jupiter Mining Corporation is Fenspace's up-and-coming delivery service, better able to serve the Jovian subsystem than HUD is.
Orbital Air Orbital Air provides passenger transportation to and from Earth.


People who make other people happy for a living.

Entertainment Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
7-sided Dice Productions Producers of fine games.
Candy Apple Red's A "house of ill repute," of very good repute.
Cavalier Concerts Live music - promotion and hosting.
Red Lad Revue A permanent musical-theater company.
Renfaire A historical-reenactment theme park, located on 4860 Gubbio.

Private Law-Enforcement

Mercenaries, private detectives, and others who Uphold the Right for a fee.

Private Law-Enforcement Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
Bailey Security Service Fenspace's answer to the Pinkerton agency... of the wild west era.
Bounty Hunters
People who go after the criminals that the Space Patrol can't reach, the various Bounty Hunters of Fenspace aren't organized in any real fashion.
Dorsai Nicknamed "Convention Security," the Dorsai are the oldest (but no longer the most powerful) mercenary organization in Fenspace.
The Roughriders
1st Calvary Regiment.jpg
The Roughriders have eclipsed the Dorsai as the largest and most powerful private military body in Fenspace. While their overall reputation is positive, there are those who distrust them on principle or because of some of their previous actions.

Media Companies

People who tell other people things for a living.

Media Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
Hogwarts' Press The preeminent publishing house in the Main Belt.
ISN ISN System Service is the best-known media outlet in Fenspace.
The most trusted News Network in Fenspace

Other Services

People who do things for other people, but not things listed above.

Service Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
CI Catgirl Industries is Fenspace's answer to the Skunkworks[1] or the RAND Corporation.
Ninjaburger Fast food, delivered directly to your airlock.
Spot Cleaning Waste-disposal specialists.
Whistler Services
Satellite repair and salvage specialists. Lately branching of into construction.

Other Companies

People who do other things for a living.

Other Companies
Company Logo Capsule Description
Greenwood, Unltd. The most diverse holding company in Fenspace.
Koopa Kingdom Fenspace's largest source of tobacco.
Moria Mining a.k.a. Dwarves A generalist holding-company group, with a senior staff made up primarily of people with the same sort of biomod.
The original asteroid miners, and a subsidiary of Greenwood.
WaaPE[2] Wing and a Prayer Enterprises is as quiet in Fenspace as is its major asset, Babylon .5
Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems Independent spacecraft designers, whose most famous (and profitable) design is the A510 Starclipper

Other Notable Businesspeople

Not everyone works for a large company.

Vitamin Man
A collection of individual suppliers of necessary trace minerals to far-flung settlements.
Owns and runs Holo Neon in Kandor City, a business dictated to manufacturing, selling, and programing of hologram systems.
Vulpine Fury
Fenspace's best and best-known builder of puppets, AI shells, and telepresence rigs.
Don Antonio Esposito
Don Antonio prefers to be called a "relationship facilitator," but accepts "honest businessman" or "financier." He might or might not be connected to The Mob - but his activities are within the (rather loose) laws of the Convention.


  1. Insert "Pepe le Pew" jokes here.
  2. Pronounced 'whap'