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How Fen get along with each other and with others.

Fennish Government

The Fenspace Convention
The meta-government, from which all other Fennish government derives its authority.
The Space Patrol
Law enforcement in Fenspace. See also Crime in Fenspace and Courts in Fenspace.
Great Justice
Fennish military.
Awards and Chivalrous Orders in Fenspace
Nobility (or what passes for nobility) amongst Fen.

Intergovernmental Relations

The Kandor Treaty
The agreement that legitimatizes Fenspace.
Mundane Government in Fenspace
Treaties and dealings between Fenspace and Earth.
Fen-Dane Relations
How the new societies get along with their motherlands.
The Fen Consulate to Canada
An example of Fennish Government in the 'Danelaw.

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A high-level description of political thought, not of actual political activity.
Faction Guide
Fenspace's equivalent to local government.