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Hogwarts, based on the institution of the same name in J.K. Rowlings' novels, is the Wizarding World's preeminent educational facility. It is located just outside of Hogsmeade‎ on asteroid 10 Hygiea.

The Hogwarts' Express coming in for a landing
The Four Houses of the archetypical Hogwarts have been maintained, though the sorting process has been subverted – instead of a magical talking hat, they have a predetermined council-of-elders (including the child’s parents) decision being broadcast by a talking hat, with great ceremony. The “Telepathic Hat” functionality is also supported, and is often used to deliver a personalized message from “the hat,” again a predetermined message set by the council and child’s parents.

It’s not all peaches and cream for a Wizarding child, though. The educational routine of Hogwarts is brutal, and merely completing it in the “traditional” seven years is expected to be cause for honor. Many children have ended up failing a year, though not often more than one.

At least one Catgirl Wizard teaches at Hogwarts, using the name "Minerva McGonagall".

Hogwarts' Press

Originally the school's print shop, Hogwarts' Press evolved into a full publishing house after they published the first edition of the Fenspace Travel Guide. They've become the preeminent publisher in the Main Belt, with both hardcopy and electronic publications covering a wide variety of topics.