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This page contains Fenspace Infinities material. Fenspace Infnities material hasn't "happened" by the current timeline, though it's already been referenced in future-history or alt-history Fenspace stories and discussion. Here there be dragons of questionable canonicity, you have been warned. --The Mgt
Surface Craft
M-35 Mako
Vehicle Characteristics
Base chassisCustom 6-wheeler
Length9,5 m
Width4 m
Height3,5 m
Drive Typehydrogen/oxygen ottomotor
Primary ManufacturerFrigga Factory (CI)
Primary Crew1 (pilot)
Other Crewup to three other persons
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More wheels, more jumping... more fun! The M35 Mako. Order yours today!

—Advertisement slogan at Motorcon

You three are just insane!

—Cathy hearing about the ‘Venus drop’ project

The M35 Mako is an infamous vehicle based on the Mass Effect Games and produced by the Catgirl Industries factory complex at 77 Frigga. It is advertised and sold as the ‘ultimate’ wheeled all terrain vehicle and sold to customers in the whole solar system.

The Mako is a six-wheeled vehicle for up to four persons and some equipment. It is known for being robust up to ridiculous levels and its jumpjet system. Unlike many Fen vehicles, the Mako cannot fly. It is favored by those Fen who prefer ‘real vehicles’ over the flying variants that are common in Fenspace.

The Mako is built from a special waved armor that protect the vehicle against all kind of environmental dangers and incoming fire. The engine burns hydrogen and oxygen to move the Mako forward and power its internal systems. A small Eezo core allows the vehicle to increase or decrease its mass to supplement its abilities to work in low-g areas and climb slopes. The gas powered jumpjets allow it to make jumps of more than a hundred meters.

Because it was designed for hostile worlds, the Mako has life support and sublight communication systems similar to a small spacecraft. It is also equipped with multiple passive sensors like cameras and microphones to make handling the large vehicle easier. It has a typical “car navigation” system and carry 4 persons and up to 500 kg of additional cargo. There is also a small airlock in the back of the vehicle if the main hatch cannot be opened because of a hostile atmosphere.

The first Mako prototype was built on Jenga even before the work on the Frigga factory started. It was presented to the public on the first Motorcon in 2023.

M35-M variant

After finishing the Frigga factory complex, Catgirl Industries began to sell a Mako with military updates to any Great Justice approved forces. The military variant has an improved Eezo core to create a kinetic barrier around the vehicle and a coil-gun equipped turret. The kinetic barrier can also reconfigured to hold the atmosphere inside the vehicle when opening the main hatch.

The engine of the M35-M has been replaced by a fusion powered Otto engine designed on Frigga 77 to increase its range and durability. In addition to the civil features it also has a laser scanner, Handwavium detectors and a small radar system.


  • What idiot designed this? The Makos controls seem to be pretty common at the first look, but many drivers have trouble with them during the first few hours anyways.
  • Catch me if you can! When trying to jump up to be grabbed by a flying vehicle, the jumpjets work at 250% normal level.
  • I am no bird. Even if the combination of jumpjets and Eezo core should allow it, the Mako cannot fly in low-gravity environments.


  • The civil M-35 Mako has a range of nearly 700 km with a full tank of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • The Mako is designed to be air-droppable and air-recoverable.
  • Top speed of the Mako is 160 km/h on road, it can climb slopes up to 80°. It can handle temperatures up to 220°C and up to 5 atmospheres of pressure (which means it can dive 50 meters deep at standard Earth gravity).
  • The Mako can easily float in water with active Mass Effect field.