Fatima Nuygen

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Fatima Nuygen
Fatima Nuygen.jpg
Fatima Nuygen, gathering data for a story
ResidenceCrystal Kyoto, Venus
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationPolitical Analyst

Open Character, created by murmur the fallen, Rob Kelk, and Mal Fnord

Fatima Nuygen is a "political analyst" whose resume seems to consist of telling people what they want to hear.

Nuygen made a name for herself working for Bailey Security during the Boskone War, when she falsely claimed that an army of white supremacists was waiting in the wings to take over Fenspace after the factions exhausted themselves fighting the mobs.[1] Time hasn't tempered Fatima's ability to get things completely wrong ... but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


Fatima Nuygen appears in the following stories:


  1. We never said it was a good name.