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Tehoptimum Supplies was established by Dave and Maureen Carter, UK Fen, when they married and moved into Fenspace, Spring 2008 (they don't talk about why). They'd both previously worked for a small conventional biomedical research company, in the UK. There, Dave had waved up a wide range of medical instruments and testing tools, typically starting from hard tech ones. Unfortunately, his employers while impressed by his enterprise couldn't see a market for stuff with quirks.

Dave is a meticulous biomedical engineer, using biolab-quality containment facilities to control the waving process. Maybe it's this, or some talent, either his or Maureen's, but he can wave medical equipment with consistent quirks, and which does not risk contaminating patients with handwavium. Conventionally-trained doctors like his equipment, as it is typically based on hard tech they're trained and familiar with, and they can usually live with the quirks. He will also do custom orders.

Dave claims that "Tehoptimum Supplies" is just a side-line, as his main job is farming, where they live, on Ceres. But, if you look at the books, you can tell which pays for the other. Maureen runs the admin and finance side of the business, while continuing with some research. They both sell direct and through a number of wholesalers and suppliers.

Dave and Maureen first appeared in "Bi-location".

Open Source: You can use this company, and its products, in your stories. Please don't hurt Dave and Maureen; you don't want Maureen angry with you.