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The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space

(written and drawn by Brian Webb)<br\> Updated every Thursday<br\> <br\>

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Vision Impaired Transcript

<br\> Hamilton: If we can keep from getting sidetracked.<br\> Hamilton: So what did you learn from the dealer?<br\> Li: Not much.<br\> Li: Another reference to Armacham but that's it.<br\> Li: So, they're killing their own people?<br\> Hamilton: Maybe.<br\> Hamilton: These guys might not be the real Armacham.<br\> Carol: I hear you've got quite the crime scene for me.<br\> Hamilton: Not really. But there's a lot of 'wavium in there...<br\> Carol: Figured. I've got protective gear and one of your 'advisors'.<br\> <br\>

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