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Lazarus Long's, the premier peeler palace[1] of Fenspace, is located smack in the midst of downtown Little Jakarta, Ganymede. Capable of hosting large events, and boasting a wide variety of co-ed dancers both 'Waved & Un'Waved, Long's enjoys considerable business success. Word has it that the dancers are...obliging, but this is only sly marketing on the part of the he, she, cartel, A.I. or whatever it is owner only known to the outside 'Verse as TANSTAAFL![2]

The club's aesthetic is a melange of Heinlein from the 'Fifties to the 'Eighties : Juveniles [3] strew classic cigar rockets and square jawed heroes amongst the more debauched and complex antics of Martian messiahs [4] and horny super couriers.[5] The overall effect is very libertarian and more than a little busy, albeit in a charmingly disarming manner...if you're amenable to Heinlein & strippers.


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