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Goodlife are an extreme faction (though they're so small some would call them a 'fraction') who many would describe as evil. However, they do not consider themselves to be bound by normal human morals or ethics. You may have heard people theorise that "The World would be a better place without humans'. Well, those who call themselves 'good life' aim to achieve that state.

Created by Ace Dreamer.

Goodlife consider humanity to be an infection on the face of the Earth, on the entire Solar System, and, they fear, beyond. A destroyer of the 'natural order' - you could call them 'extreme environmentalists'. They are inspired by the 'Berseker' series of books by Fred Saberhagen:

One of the main objectives of Goodlife is to remove all 'bad life' (humans), by the 'waving of Berserkers, soulless machines dedicated to the destruction of all life. In the end, when this object is achieved, they expect that they to will be destroyed, so the universe will be returned to life-less perfection.

Unfortunately, handwavium is proving to be a very difficult means of producing Berserkers, and the combat robots that they build invariably turn out to have their own ideas about what their purpose is, in their non-organic lives. Occasionally they might think they have succeeded, but so far this has proved to be the AIs "keeping their heads down" until they figure-out what is going on.

Goodlife rarely directly attack humans, or human places, partly because there are so few of them. But, mainly because they believe the work should be done by Berserkers. Opinion is divided among the few who have even heard of Goodlife as to whether it is possible for them to succeed. They've been described as 'Genocidal Goths'. In general, unless they can build a purely hard tech murderous AI, the answer is believed to be 'no'. However, this doesn't stop people from considering them to be Boskone - what they are attempting goes far beyond Genoicide.

It is notable that Goodlife don't have any known bases, and are pretty secretive. But, you might reasonably expect them to be unpopular with just about everyone. It's suspected that at least some AIs are keeping a covert watch on Goodlife, on a 'just in case' basis.

One reason Goodlife are relevant is that the products of their work may attempt to join the larger Fenspace community. Some ask for help in demilitarising themselves, others seek work as part of Great Justice or the Space Patrol. There is no evidence that any of them have been recruited by Boskone. One or two claim to be Iain M. Banks 'Culture' fans, and want help to upgrade themselves to become the equivalent of Culture Minds.

Some draw parallel between Goodlife and Directive 51/Daybreak.