Brother-Captain Galvius

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Brother-Captain Galvius
ResidenceThe Inelegant Truth
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityEmpire of Man Imperial Space Marine (AI)
Occupationship's mainframe's AI
ParentsJon Helscher ("father")

Something went wonky with the application of handwavium to Jon's personal computer during its uplifting to its current status as super!computer. The AI was supposed to be a nondescript male of the faceless office worker type. But somebody didn't do a good job of purging the hard drive so instead, what was created was one with the heroic, if scary and kinda evil religious zealots of the Imperial Space Marines of the Games Workshop variety. Brother-Captain Galvius thinks of himself as a fallen soldier serving as a machine spirit entombed in a virtual coffin. He considers Jon to be his "Chapter Master" and the other members of the crew of The Inelegant Truth to fill various roles in line with those in the "Empire of Man." Given the state of relations with most of the governments on "Holy Terra," and the Truth, Galvius believes they have come under the influence of "foul Chaos sorcery" and encourages anybody who will listen their next job should be to "burn the heretics." Still, he does his job of data retrieval and broadcast of Jon's writing with competence. His security functions are actually kind of scary after you really look at them, and Perry gets queasy just thinking about it.

Known Quirks

  • The enemy of my enemy is my enemies' enemy: The three principal AIs that "live" on The Inelegant Truth - Callisto, Gay Deceiver, and Brother-Captain Galvius - all hate each other. If allowed, they will bicker to an extent that ship efficiency will drop 30% until they are hard-lock separated from each other's networks.