Arthur Nkomo

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Arthur Nkomo
OGJ boss comic bio.jpg
BornMombasa, Kenya
ResidenceKandor City
NationalityFenspace Convention
EducationInternational relations, forensics
Alma materInstitute Of Diplomacy And International Studies, University of Nairobi
EmployerGreat Justice
Weight176 lb

Open character, created by Brian Webb

Currently rather vaguely defined as I needed someone for F and Grey to report to and get orders from. Feel free to add more details as they evolve, just try not to contradict anything someone else has already come up with.


  • Build: Medium
  • Hair: Dark brown, cut short, with several short braids at the back.
  • Eyes: Dark


Arthur was born in Mombasa. His father was an assistant in Kenya's diplomatic service, so he spent most of his youth being raised by his grandparents or moving from embassy to embassy, while his father climbed the ranks to full Ambassador.

He studied in the Institute Of Diplomacy And International Studies in the University of Nairobi, but his passion had always been cop shows, so he added courses in forensics and computers sciences. He was expected to follow his family steps in politics, but the Wave changed everything.

The launch of The Island carried waves across the world, but few places were stronger than in Africa. While most of this acquaintances were surprised or angry, he was fascinated. He spent the next months plotting and cajoling, and he finally convinced his parents to let him try. His father’s government contacts got him a chunk of handwavium as a graduation present, and he wasted no time to wave a mobile home and take a few sabbatical months in the Solar System.

He still is there.

It did not take him long to know he would live in space. He moved to the still under construction Kandor, and he was one of the seven original [1] cops in the Kandor City Police Department.

He left the KCPD to enlist in Operation Great Justice when the war started, but his superiors soon found his investigative skills -and all that diplomatic training he so dearly tried to forget- too useful for the battlefield: He war assigned a rank of Troubleshooter as soon as this group was created.

Unfortunately for Arthur's dreams of being a hotshot field agent, but possibly fortunately for the Troubleshooters, sorely in need of skilled administrators, he managed a roaring success in his fist solo mission as a OF-6 troubleshooter.

This would also be the mission where he met Oscar Vykos, though since he was his main suspect their first few meetings weren't all that warm. Their relationship did warm at the end of the investigation, when both of them were trying to escape an abandoned Soviet base in Kazajstan while engaging a firefight against rebels, weapon dealers and Boskonian fugitives. Not as memorable as Paris, but it nevertheless was the start of a friendship

The reward of a job well done, of course, was an ascension to OF-7 and a job as trying to herd too many fractious agents. His education in international relations and his calm under even the most trying of agents has meant that he usually is the agent stuck with every 'Dane liaison investigation; though he grumbles and grouches, he has discovered he actually likes to helt tightening the links between fen and dane (the occasional chance of, very politely, rubbing biomods, females or homosexual agents in the face of bigots is also one perk he cherishes). He is slowly gathering an impressive list of contacts in the 'dane law agencies.

He is the second person to be asked (by Oscar) to join the Hellfire Club after the original creation as a White Knight, both for his skill and to open a friendly channel to the Convention law agencies.

Notable Mundane Attributes

He is a decent investigator, and a crack shot, but his real strength is keeping order in the ranks as an administrator. Through he keeps it quiet, he is also an excellent hacker.

'Wavium Abilities

Unknown with no obvious biomods as of late 2014.


He has dealt with family, the construction of Kandor, a war, the dubious sanity of his friends in the Hellfire Club, herding the even more dubiously sane troubleshooters in his command, and countless 'dane politicians. Nothing fazes him.


Great Justice, Hellfire Club


He loves detective novels of all kinds, and reads any he can get his hands on, no matter how corny its plot or how purple its prose. During the first family visit to Luna after the reconciliation, his grandmother brought him a traditional Kenyan mask; since then he has gathered a collection of african masks which he checks when he feels homesick. Some of then may be 'waved.

He always carries a tribal knife -a waved blade, with an impressive cutting edge, and several different waved handles with hidden electronics. He 'waved it and all the different handles personally, and claims to be very proud of it, because it it his tribe's traditional knife, which he used to kill a lion in his coming of age [2]


Arthur has had a notable or major role in the following stories:


  1. And for a long time, only
  2. The knife is Ethiopian, and he bought it on a street market in New York. Arthur is a city boy, and he has never been insane enough to try and see a lion outside a zoo