Bronwyn Ffoulkes

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Bronwyn Ffoulkes
Bronwyn Ffoulkes.png
Bronwyn, off-duty in one of the Roughriders' maintenance hangers
BornMay 23, 1992(1992-05-23)
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, Earth
Residence36 Atalante
NationalityThe Roughriders, Fenspace Convention
EmployerThe Roughriders
Home townCardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, Earth
Weight110 lbs
Call-signBrown Leader

Bronwyn Ffoulkes is an F-EZig pilot and relief mechanic with the Roughriders.

Bronwyn is a Fendane with a British private-pilot's licence, and is a closet Whovian[1]. Bronwyn came to Fenspace in mid-2012, aboard the Ad Astra[2]; she still hasn't used the Stellvia-to-Sydney part of her ticket.

While she was aboard Stellvia, she mentioned to a girl on the staff that she really, really wanted to meet an AI, and could that girl help Bronwyn find one, please? Yayoi smiled, then took Bronwyn to the Bullet Boy Express. (Ben was meeting with Haruhi to arrange delivery of the SR-71 she'd promised him; Gina was waiting in the car just in case they needed to leave in a hurry.) Bronwyn and Gina hit it off, and the rest is history...

One of the first to move in to the Atalante base and one of the first to actually fly an EZig, Bronwyn refused to accept command of an EZig squadron for years. She'd much rather not have to worry about all the after-mission reports. Besides, that would take time away from Bronwyn's hobbies: (a) tinkering with her ship's engines, and (b) writing purposefully-cheezy love songs then trying to get bands competing at Eurovision to sing them.

Bronwyn doesn't currently have a boyfriend. She isn't actively looking for one, but wouldn't say "no" to someone who caught her fancy.[3]

Vital statistics: 5'3", 110 lbs, red hair, green eyes, good-looking but not beautiful, fit and athletic, never biomodded. Speaks Welsh and English (with a Cardiff-Welsh accent).


  1. Ever since they revived the show and started shooting it in her home city, Cardiff
  2. Her parents gave her a package tour for her 20th birthday
  3. One of the Fenkinder once made a pass at her; she turned him down because of the age difference, and he took it personally.