1186 Turnera

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Places in Fenspace
1186 Turnera
Planetary characteristics
Orbit3.3424506 AU from primary (Aphelion)
2.6991304 AU from primary (Perihelion)
Year1917.6941645 days
Political Affiliationnone
(was Turnerites)
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1186 Turnera is an asteroid in the Main Belt, discovered on 1 August 1929.

Nobody could believe that the sexist white-supremacist "Sons of Turner" Turnerites could be so blatantly obvious as to put their home base on 1186 Turnera. They were wrong. Turnera was captured during Operation Great Justice, and its commanders arrested, by the all-female task force Tango Shoes.

Other than an occasional and very temporary use as an emergency landing point for vessels in distress, the domes on 1186 Turnera have been abandoned ever since while the remaining Sons of Turner try to regain possession of them.